Who am I? Well I could write a second person Artist Statement with some deep and esoteric discourse about how my work relates to the cosmos. But if you get down to it I do it because I like to make stuff. I fact I need to make stuff. I work everyday, holidays and even when I am not a hundred percent. It’s my constant companion, my passion or some could say my addiction. I love the process of making. The thinking about what I will do next whether it’s the next stitch or colour choice, the next piece I am going to start or learning a next technique or skill. I love to see what will happen next. The way I work is very intuitive I have an idea about what I am going to do but then in the process of things it changes I go one you see a new path to go down. All my work is a one off I never do it exactly the same again and I don’t want it to there would be no challenge or fun to do it exactly the same.

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