I am a SAHW and mother of 2 beautiful daughters! When I am not at home, I am skating with the Flint City Derby girls! My favorite things to do is skate, craft and watch movies!! My crafting involves LOTSA sewing... whether it be Poppets or clothing! I like DIY clothing.. wish I had a serger..that has prevented me from a lot of recons.. and I love paper crafts, polymer clay, paper mache, beading, book binding and I dabble in just about anything!
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Emilie StrangeBat
Emilie StrangeBat · Montreal, Quebec, CA
I was wondering if you had a pattern for your doll? If so, could you send it to me orr show me?
Cause I wanna make a doll for myself, I love them^^ and Id need a pattern, it would be easier :/ or then if you dont have one, like a draw ow each part, and what you used as fabrics,etc.

Anyways, thanks.

Emilie Happy