I'm a native New Yorker, transplanted to the green acres of central Pennsylvania, after an accident severed my right wrist preventing me from doing my artwork for several years.

I was told after falling through a glass window and nearly bleeding to death that as they repaired the 4 arteries, tendons, muscles and nerves that I would have 85% permanent nerve damage and claw hand deformity. My career was over.

As a result, I lost my store,my clientele, my home and most of my possessions and was forced to live in shelters with my 3 small children for nearly 14 months.

In 1985 before my 4th child was born, I moved upstate NY and found a small farmhouse and went on disability. I couldn't hold a broom let alone a pen or brush.

In early late 1984 while I was still living in a shelter with my children I went to a hand specialist in Philadelphia to have a tendon transfer micro surgery done and that enabled my hand to open from the frozen claw position, but still I had no feeling in it, but could 'tape' brushes and pencils to my hand and since the muscle were reattached 'crooked'.

I gradually learned to use my hand a little at a different angle and slowly started to do some artwork, but my work was so slow I couldnt do it for a living anymore.

In 1990 I met a surgeon in Coudersport, named Dr.Robert Supinski, whom I went to for a back problem and he looked at my hand and asked what happened and told me he thought he could help my hand although not my back!!

He had pioneered some micro surgery techniques and was very confident, but promised not to go so far as to compromise the little use I already had gotten back in my hand.Considering I couldnt even hold a cup without dropping it, I got the surgery.

I was then able to bend my fingers again and although it was still numb I was able to start using my tendons where the muscles no longer worked and had since atrophied considerably. It improved the usage to almost 50% as compared to the -85% loss I had prior.

I started doing more artwork but only as gifts for family or as a volunteer as I felt I was no longer professional.I did get some commissions but didnt charge much for them.

In 1992 I developed LUPUS and heart trouble so doing a little art here and there was therapuetic.

I also renewed my faith in God and my comittment to Jesus as my Lord and raised my children, by then I had 5- 2 girls and 3 boys.

My husband had been disabled from a car accident and lost part of his brain and was no longer able to work either so we struggled for many years and finally divorced.

On my own now for 5 yrs, my kids are all grown, I have struggled to survive but something good has happened.

Through my volunteer works I was able to do some art projects for others that I never could have dreamed of including doing a complete theatrical setting for a church play and a dinner theater, some sign painting and with prayer and sacrifice, my hand suddenly started to 'hurt'..

The feeling was starting to come back more than 20 yrs since the accident!..

I now have maybe 90% use back and can move 3 fingers without having to look at them and they do what I want!..

God is great when all else fails!!!! I can take the pain because the gain outweighs it. I had a test done on my hand at a surgeon's last year and they said that my nerves are regenerating and they never saw that happen before so long after the initial injury!

So here I am now, still disabled due to the Lupus but I can do my artwork much better than I was able for 20 years.. It is like a dream revisited since I did artwork since I was about 6 yrs old.

I began showing and selling my artwork since I was 14. I love to draw and paint land and seascapes as well as doing mural work and sign painting.

I began transforming my work into prints and greeting cards and also on any paintable surfaces.

I also love to travel and gain new inspiration from where ever I go.I feel I have a new chance at 53.......Happy
Thankyou for visiting my shop and I hope there is something there that catches your eye~

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