I have a habit of painting, doodling and rainbow-nizing other people's hands, arms, hair and faces. I aspire to make it what i do for a living, therefore I want to either be a hairdresser, face painter or a tattoo artist. I'm crap at makeup.

If all else fails, i want to be an event photographer or a successful photojournalist. These i'd do for free. I love capturing candid, raw emotion. As gorgeous as fashion spreads and panoramic landscape shots can be, it's the genuine momentary smiles that are the most emotionally contagious.

Fashion wise, if I had my way, i'd surround myself with snake skin, turquoise gemstones, soft leather, chunky jewelry, classic jean jackets, bold magenta nailpolish, statement booties and lots and lots of dark blue pearls.

I am a procrastinator, a dreamer, an amateur photographer, a pessimist, a semi-romantic minus the cheese, a hair-dye enthusiast, a hater of awkward silences, a cliche artsy kid, an irresponsible daughter, an Our Lady Peace groupie, a headbanger, a liberal, a mozzarella cheese aficionado and a lover of all things eclectic, my youth and New York City.

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Hello! Another newbee in a few days who leaves a sweet comment on one of my projects (the peacock fascinator). Thank you for it! You sound like an interesting person and I can relate myself to " a semi-romantic minus the cheese" (you've put that very nicely). I hope you find your way here!