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Ruth R.
Ruth R. · 6 projects
hey i saw that you posted a comment on the persons channel that posted a nice comment on my make-up look. Thankyou for what you said because some people haven't been being very nice. So again THANKYOU Happy!!

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn · 7 projects
Hey there! I saw your comment on my project: "Hey there! I made a pair like this, but after only a couple of wears, they are splitting and peeling!! Have you had this problem? My shoes were very plastic-y and the paper was a bit thick, but i cant stand to see them destroyed Happy Just hoping that you had some ideas...? "

Mine haven't really split or torn at all, but if they ever do, I think the best thing to do would be to put another coat of Mod Podge on. If you wear them regularly you'll probably have to put on a new coat of that stuff every few months or however you see fit, just to keep them in tip-top shape! Let me know how it turns out Happy

Unicorn Reality
Unicorn Reality · Kendal, England, GB · 96 projects
Hello! Thank you for the comment! I am afraid I don't have the pattern for the t-rex, I just make them up as I go along! D: