WELL im friendly ok........ya.... im 12 years old and dont like 2 read that much only if the book is really interesting. IM in 7th grade , 1 of my pasions is 2 sew LOL i LOVE it ;p
im 4rm the u.s but live in canda i no WEIRD. HOPE I CAN MAKE SOMETHING THATS ACUALLY GOOD LOL......well thats me and i dnt really no anything to say ;p
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mina m.
mina m. · Edmonton, Alberta, CA · 2 projects
hehe... ur welcome !
picnic for Tea
picnic for Tea · Adelaide, South Australia, AU · 3 projects
hey add some interests! you seem really fun Happy
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Hey, thanks for adding me. My Dad's from Edmonton and my mum grew up there, it's an awesome city. You're so lucky to have such a huge craft store (Michelle's) in your town.