Well...My name is Victoria or Vikki for short. Im a senior in high school. Class of "08!! I'm a vegetarian since 1.01.02 so thats five years and counting. I'm into theatre and fashion. I write poetry, short stories, and I'm working on the first book of a series. In my spare time I write, draw, make collages out of my old magazines, make random pictures to put on my wall next to my collages, hang out with friends, go to forensics tournaments, work at the mall (best job ever!), bargain shop, get on the computer and nerd it up, read anything from magazines to actual books (go figure right? actual books), and design clothes and sew them.
I am really into fashion and I'm going to school for fashion design next year. I hope to start my own line of clothing, that's like my dream. I'm also a theatre geek and would love to become an actress someday...but until then I'm just Victoria Hollywood looking for her big break Happy

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