Craft = awsomeness

Craft + mess = a good time Happy

Hi guys Happy !!!! I am happy to say that i have made a perminent return to CO+K Happy as some of you may or may not know I have had some computer and technical problems, It is all fixed now and replaced.
Really sorry for any inconvienience I caused :'( keep in touch Happy Keira xx

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Hey lovely thanks for the fave xx
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thanks for faving =)
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Thanks for faving my reindeer and tree decorations!
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Thanks for the fave! Happy
Jet H.
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Hi hi, good to hear from you again.
oooooh oh so bad and sad those computer problems, i have them still too-S It's making me crumpy and it cost a lot of creative thinking work to find some solutions but still cost to much time-S
i have the time, but not the energy-S
i had bought a extern harddisk to upgreat the mainprograme for the computer, and i trow some things away and later on i saw that it were links that were broken, so with some help from Gerard he don't know it either we find the solution.
but happy.
oooh i have finely after a promise of 9 months made the cartoon.
most friends love him, i think it 's a good one too.
the salesman loved him too.
two week ago i was agree with my md's that i wasn't recouver at all, so i must go back to an md and to the revalidation centre.
i had have some occupation worker help at home too, and learned some new tricks to stay freely.
today i got the answer of the community worker to get a sliding board, he 's called banana and is too yellow , sillly name.LOL
but very handy.
Muis is totally recovered and walks and runs and ju mps better then ever,LOL
the move of mine becomes more and more real i have ordered my new coocker for the new appartment. like it ,
Gerard and Karin has helped me to move my art work and the art work from John (my dead partner) to a safety storage so i can move them later when i 'm seatled because they are to fragile.
miss the work of John very much.
and still cleaning my materials, woooow so much work. I live in this appartment for to many years.LOL
and being an artist that's makes it more messy.LOL
i worked this week on one of my almost finished piggy bagbag, i will uploaded it because it's a very strange project of recycling bags.
hummm i 'm getting addicted to recyling plastic.LOL
hope your doing well, have a nice fun eve and ... for tomorrow a fun weekend and greate halloween time.LOL
hey love, greetings, hugs, fun ..and xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear crafting friendl;-D
I'm agree to that.LOL
thanks for your invite,
hope your doing well and fine, let me know!!!
hey about me;
Muis is totally recovered of her big operation and is free for now two weeks, the first week she didn't like wolfje.LOL
Wolfje was acting like a real Wolf not funny-S
So the poor muis was acting like a real mouse , she lay the whole day underneat my sweater on my lap, i wasn't alowed to move my body to much.LOL
but now they are sleeping closely and tight together again.
Like the view of them.
sooooo comfy and smelly.LOL They became always to hot and then they will become smelly.LOL i like those smell.;-D
I've made some uploads on here, still not out of computer problems and making procress of my cleaning materials project for my move next year.
Got some lessons from a occupation worker how to make an other tranfer. and have order him a sliding tranfer thing by the community.LOL to expensive to buy my self.-S
oooh and i 'm busy with a cartoon i had promised the salesman of my big yellow wheels, lot of work;-D
And this week too i got my permission of making the yearly prize of driveable buildings in some art project as a gift by the money prize. Like that.
so i have made plans and i got today the permission ;-D Huraay.LOL
but first i must finished the cartoon, the new chair is almost old.LOL
ooh and i have send the offer of my new little wheels to t he communtity too, i hope they will send me soon an answer-S
It' cost me tooooooo much time still with only waiting till the next step, my wheels are still broken over 1,5 years, they don't does their jobs anymore, and can't be fixed-S
So i'm worried a lot , when your shoes are broken you can buy just new ones, but i'can't and i can't go nowhere with out them-S
but i was glad that i hade make some progress in the process-D
Gerard told me (i think he is right) the new one will come next year.LOL
oooh and about heath i'm not recouverd at all, so i will go to a new neurologic md and mayby to the revalidation centre.
so ... i'm busy.LOL
and you, what are you doing?;-D
hey sending you all my love, greetings, hugs, and...xxxxxxxxx
and have an awesome fine fun weekend as well.
Hey there - just in case your messages aren't working, could you give me a comment on my profile just to let me know that you're ok and if you're still on track with the swap etc Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Keira
cool that you knew to use the word Groeten.LOl but we use the word not in the begining of the letter but we end with the word,LOL
but i love it that you give it a try, i tell you that not to critizise you but to help you;-D
we start the letter with Hoi = Hello , or lieve - dear ... for friends and dearones;-D
so i can say to you hoi lieve Keira, that's for you Hello dear Keira.
i had promised you to learn you some dutch word;-D
glad to heard that you have had a great time on your vacation.
i had let fixed my big computer and finely i got him back friday and i have noticed he still having the same problems-S
hated that, because it wasn't cheap the fixing work-S
so i must call again.-D and finding a solution of bringing him by the help from friends with a car-S
muis is doing much better, i don't know i've i told you that, but she was operated again on her leg , on the last xray the last broken bone wasn't health after 1,5 years. and the pininside her leg was not fixed and was moved to her knee so there was too major damaging in , so she had have a big operation for the fourth time.
Poor sweety, and of course it go wrong again she got an inflammation in her knee. I had called the special orthopedic vet of hers to give me some more antibiotics but he didn't , he told me it's just water, but two days later the wound was open and all the fluid came out and then i had to go again the journey with her to the special vet and she got finely the antibiotics, it's not healht the wound and she may walk a little on it, she had to life for the first three weeks in a bench, she hate it and i have let her walk outside under my supervisie to see how she is walking, and now she likes it tooooooooo much.LOL
she don't may jump so it's not fine to let her free.;-D
but i have made her a comfy and cozy catbed and a heating thing underneat it so she will be spoiled.LOL
Wolfje is still angry and don't like her, and still tels my out loud all her angry comments too to me.LOL
she is bad behaving her selfs so Gerard had seen her and give her punishing.LOL
i do that too and give her big complements when she behaves h er self good.
I was so glad that i had my fixed computer back to upload my newest projects but i can't do that still.
Hey must you go back to school this week? when you must i wishes you much fun a good start and hope you will have good classmates and great teachers, i keep my fingers crossed for you ;-D
so have an awesome week i will think of you.
much love, greetings, hugs and a lot of fun;-D
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, finally, i didn't saw a number by friends mostly that will apeared when somebody asked my, so i thought i must check and yesssss!!!! Finally you were there!!!!
sooooo Hoerayyyy we are finaly friends, like that very much, and glad that you have tryed it over;-D
i have fuesed for the bas gitar a lot of plastic bags and i have made the two sides and now i must embroidering with the sewing machine on it. i think it will be cool for a man.
I'll always find it hard to make something for a man. women are much easyer. but after almost three years working with him i know a lot of his personal life.LOL
And his taste too. i like it when people are open and freely of their personal issues and that they shared it with me.
oooow, Muis has a bad day after our adventure, i was very carefully with my driving and i lifted her with one hand highly when the road was toooooooo bumby, but she will only sleep i'm scared that she don't will sleep to night.
my other just died cat was her sis and she would always visisted muis in her bench Wolfje don't like the strange smells of muis and don't want to go in their.-S
so i'm working in front of the bench on the floor a lot so she isn't feeling to much alone.
okay, i like to sew and work a little bit futther on the etui. I think its the right word too. I've checked it in the dictionary.!!!!
only the special sign above the e I didn't have on my keyboard.LOL
but pencilcase is correct too.LOL
We have in dutch a lot of word of the french people because we were ruled by the french king some long time ago.LOL
you would learn some dutch words.
so here we go.lol
goodbye, -- tot ziens
greetings - groeten
love - liefs or liefde
kisses - zoenen
and hugs, - knuffels
for you a lot.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi, i saw that you written a other comment thanks i will check it out, at now i didn't received a new one but mayby letter?
i really hope so.;-D
Much XO's!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL yes your right i mean the pencilcase.
i was tired out from our big drive so i didn't go back to the computer. i had to do some shopping and saw on the street many people that would like to talk with me.
and i allways forget the time.LOL Just because of my jumpingbrains.LOL
but that's okay , i'm only myself.LOL
and i started a new project, i have a lot scraps of knitting jarn , so i thought i must do something with it so i knit socks for my chairs . i have done just one chair leg.LOL
and begin to the seccond one. i hope it will looks funny , i think it will make the moving to the other city something easyer.LOL
i have sooooo much materials for my self, but i used it for a lot of art work, Karin my friend don't like it.LOL
she will help me by my moving and see only the materials as much to move.LOL i know and some of my art project Gerard has asked me to give them away, or trow it away i don't like that either, it is almost finished and they are looking awesome.
so i don't give them away or throw it away i hope in my new home i will find some time to end the project, it is for an exhibition,
i have worked on it a whole year and an other to make the skin of the art projects.
sooooo. they will come in my new big large atelier.LOL
but Johns art work must be packed very soon and replaced for a while to save them from damaging. that's okay. i have find a place for a while for them allready.
okay i must stop now , i must still clean the bench of mouse and give her food and meds and so on.
ooo only this, sooo sad, the vet had given muis a cap to weare and they had put her silly on her back in the cage and she couldn't moved her self because the cap was to big in the cage.
so when i tryed to free her out of the cage she tryed to free her self too from the cap, the vet thought that she had done the damaging by her self, she didn't did that. so i thought i must make a tube for her knee to recovering him again , i have tryed something yesterday but that wasn't the right thing mayby an other or she will just like her natural self.LOL
she was glad to be back in the bench it was a great adventure for her too and she had slept very well , so i did too.LOL
hey i must started on the gift for Gerard , wish you a great awesome week.
when must you go to school this next week?
hey much love , greetings and hugs;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi ,goodmorning, a little bit in a hurry i much pull on some cloths still.LOL and then we , i and Muis must go to the special vet again.-S i didn't want to asked Wouter , her driver, to picked her up and drive her again this week to the clinic., so she had to stay on my lap and we will drive to there in my big yellow chair.LOL
No i didn' t have recieved your friend request i think it went wrong.
so i've you like try it again other time.
i'm having a painfull neck and my seccond migraine day-S
and i'm feeling dissy from the morphine to ease the pain in my neck and the migraine meds.LOL
poor crumpy muis she isn't allowed for the seccond time this week to eat because of her visite to the vet.LOL
she was angry the whole night and have keep my awake the whole night-S So i'm very tired out.
but i 'm behaving my self like a kind person.LOL
i 'm trying to make a basgitar patern to draw for a gived for Gerard, he is playing the basgitar in a rockband, and he is only a few years older. I think that is far to coolLOL
i always make things to large and to big. so that's n ot handy , i will try to make a basgitar etui. i have found some picture of a basgitar on internet and now i must make the perfect and handy size for a etui.;-D but i think i must do that later when i don't see double.
oooo i hated the troubles of my sight so i can't read , i have learn to type blind.LOL so that's why i can type a letter.LOL
and small bites works to read, soooooo boring.
but okay i must accept this and hoping it will be soon better.
i saw i will see him on next friday Gerard, i like that, and then the next day he will drive me to Haarlem to go with me to an appointment by the local authority to talk about my special needs to make the new home driveable .
i had told them that i can't travel still, so i will sit there and can't see nothing and have a bad migraine-S
so stupid they know that i'm disabled and that i have healht problems and they don't want to find an other solution-S
but okay , it will cost me again more time to recover from my whiplash because of the damaging of my neck.
but i like to travel with Gerard, it's funny we have always much to laught.LOL
we have t he same humour , but i 've told you that allready.
okay i must stop now to make myself ready for our big trip.LOL
hey have a good friday and an awesome great weekend.
much love and big hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL no you're not a spud, i always forget to tell who's who from my vip persons.LOL
so Gerard is my adhd coach he's a great person and we like each other very m uch, i'm his wifes friend and i know the whole family.LOL that wasn't the purpose but .... it is happened.LOL
I think because i look a like of his wife of her character and i have the same free thinking mind.LOL
We have shared a lot, and we are fond of each other.
Gerard is like me not a commen person.LOL
I have found out that the scarf of mouse isbroken open so i'm waiting of her special vet to call me back.-S
and waiting for the person that will visited me to day-S
so still waiting.LOL
but i tell you later more, hey have fun much love greetings and hugs and so on.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi my following up as i had prommised.
stupid i had removed muis her cat litter to clean him, i must do this eveyday because she lives in a too small space-S
and i was writting to you and then she began to yell for her catlitter.
so her bench is all clean and smooth and she is enjoying her heat catbed;-D
she don't like to stay in her bench no longer, that's a good sign.-D
I'm happy by that.
but she had to stay for two weeks in her bench till the special vet let my know she can walk outside again, she is allowed without jumping to walk everyday outside too, but i'm not able to stop her jumpings.-S so thats why she had to stay in her prison -S
But i know she love it too, because i make it much comfortable for her.LOL
When she was the first time her sister could make the bench open, i found later, Indi liked to lay with her and would like to visited her everyday. That was so sweet, Wolfje don't like that, she is bad behaving towards muis.-S
But Indi had open one day her bench and let free her sis and i was furious about it because muis is grey and it was shimmering already so where to searh?
so i t hought okay then i m ust wait and i did and suddenly i was riding beside the bench and i saw that muis had come back by her self in the bench because it was a great and fine save place.LOL
but she is missing the contact with me and so i try to work on the floor before the bench and she love that.LOL
Yes i know it was the right thing to do but i will mis the good people i have joint them for 10 years.
i have send an extra note to explain the other reason of the person that was so ugly to me and still is.
so i 'm feeling relieved a little more.
i must clean up this afternoon some persons come to me to check on my-S i don't like that, but okay i had to do it.
i have promised Gerard that i had to do that.
And pj's i'm tooo much in pj's LOL it cost me to much energy to change of cloths so that's why i'll must move too.
i live in a big appartment for almost 25 years and when i move i have less room and privacy and the kitchen is in the living room , not fine. but this is the best option and i like to move to an other city to give my life a new start,
in this town i have lived then for 35 years. and i miss the humour of the North Hollanders.LOL The humour of the Utrechts people is lesser and not so great. I think the most of them are crumpy.LOL
i'm not and i don't like that.
so i must do something on my self to show my self in better condition before the persons will come.LOL
i'll will be glad when Gerard is back from vacation.LOL
hey have a great awesome day , love and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning girl.;-D
uhmmm some words are similar but not some not, they look a like each other, but means a differend thing.
Same as in my langues when people use the word; slim (a dutch word) in Amsterdam, it means clever, but several km further north Holland it means: worse.
And there are in German a lot differences , but it looks a like each other. I know i thought it would be easy to learn German, but i found it very hard. I can understand it but i can't speak the langues no more, just like my French.
About my english i can read it very well but speaking i was terrible. Through COK my english is improved.LOL
later on more from me i must do still some things in a hurry
love and lot of XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Keira
German looks like dutsh but it's a complete differend langues, some words are look a like but have a differend meaning and some of the dutch persons that works in Germany speak very silly Geraman because the make a version of dutch in german and it make all the German laught because they can't understand it.LOL
But i have learned when i was at highschool German as well, but i ' m not good at it.LOL tooo long ago.
John my partner for many years had an US workfriend that thought that all the dutch people talk German and had studyed hard on his German and when he came in Holland he didn't understand the dutch langues.LOL
When i was studying at the art academy we h ad a class mate that thought of an other country the same. So we tryed all together to tell her that several small countrys has their own langues.
In my country we have an other langues at well, the Fries people speaks Fries. I can't understand it , several words but thats it.
so strange in such a little country.LOL
And when i worked in differend places there was the dialect that made that i didn't understand several meanings from the same word.LOL
but i like that.
It's Muis, that had the surgeon, soooo sad , i told you yesterday that she was crying and i had given the wrong meaning at her yelling so after all i found out what was the matter, she had needed my help .
so .... i must be careful about the meaning of her yelling and not be predjudiced to it.LOL
i have just decided to stop with the choire , its feeling a little bit sad but it will be better for myself. i read that a new person i knew from an other place that was very ugly had come to us and i thought hummm i don't like that so i will leave some bit earlyer.
I had sit at the choire ten years and throught my moving to the other city i had to stop too. Only now a little bit earlyer.;-D
but it was a funny and fine time and there will be more things to share later on;-D
but it cost me a lot of m oney and i hadn't be gone to the rehoirsels for a half year and i can't still travel so this is the best decision ;-D
i have send a mail and told them that i will come to see goodbye to them i have made some time ago a brooche on paper and i think i will printed it out for everybody and sealed it and make a pin on it and that will be it.
this is better to see a person that isn't good for me and the choire was just for fun. so this is the best solution;-D
Muis cost me a lot of money too , not happy with it but okay i'm glad that i had money to pay for her medical vets.
Wolfje is in a healht inusuarance so that is less money for later on.
he i must think of the swaps , i will come later on with an anwser ;-D
i must go .... i'm back there was a phone call, i was forgotten that a person had to come to look after my matrass because of my bedsoar-S and i was still in pj's LOL
she didn't like it but it\s my house so i act like it was normal.LOL
hey much love ,greetings and hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Keira,
about my cat she is just come home with her own taxidriver Wouter, LOLHe's a friend of mine and he's a car and would love to ride, only not toooooo much.LOL
and he had almost forgot her to hold her up.-S
but she is back and mouwed a lot , not nice.LOL
i cried okay i know you're back allready.LOL
she can watch tele, it 's an companion mate for her just now.-S
i don't like to sit the whole time in the same room by the bench.
she had to stay there for some more weeks.
the special vet didn't like the thicknes of her knee, and that she don't walk on it still. that must be improved this week other wize she must be back-S
poor wallet of mine.LOL
And great that you will like to be my friend just click on my avatar and push the button add as friend. i can't do it because i don't have the right computer still, but that will change about a few weeks.-D
okay i like that you like my big letters. Not everybody likes it.LOL
my neigbours are afraid to begin a small talk because they will talk with my for hours, not everytime but sometimes.LOL
and they don't know how to stop the small talk.LOL
about swap , we must talk later about it, i like it, but i don't know what it means really and what you exspect of me;-D
and i'm not a quick worker because of my healt problems. so you must be very very very patiencend. and i always promised to much in to less time.LOL
hey give you big hugs and all my love and have a great eve;-D
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh, wonderful! anime = love. spiders = hate.

that's about it haha Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Keira,
you're very welcome, here is the link:
and i try almost be polite and kind, others will do that to me too!;-D
why crumpy when it\s not nessecary?LOL
i think you are nice too! I love the avatar pict of yours!
and i like to share, to help others, i see you don't have much friends i'm still with the wrong computer working, so i can only send comments and letters, but nothing else, so i've you like to be my friend you can ask me
think of that. but be warned.LOL i'm a big talker.LOL
but i don't expect the same of others.LOL
about the i knitting , you can use too 4 til 6 stiches . i have tryed it out and it works great.!!!!
i'm today nervous my cat had to go back to her orthopedic vet because her knee was inflammed-S
she had hold me the whole night awake-S so i'm only crumpy to the youngest cat.LOL
hope i have helped you , i've not let me know!
hey have a great week!!! xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Keira, did you know that when you will answer a comment you must clic on the avatar name above the comment?
then you will come on the profile page of the person that write the comment to you. I knew it first not too and didn't understand why nobody said anything to me back.LOL
it's not a mistake or badthing, it's nice to know from an other that have made the same habbit.LOL i had to find it out by my self and now i think its fine to hear it from an other member;-D
i was a new one with the computer.LOL

by the way. thank you very much of the fave of my knitting chain necklace and the chenille necklace.
i wish you much crafting fun with the making of both!
i have noticed t hat when you use the itube knitting methode , it works much quicker, do you know this methode?
i've not send me a comment and i will give you the link.;-D
hope you have a great awesome weekend;-D
Keira M.
Keira M.
Thanks again Happy and ino ino Tongue
So happy i found this site!!!
Jules · South Hadley, Massachusetts, US · 5 projects
Thank you for adding my sock plush tutorial to your favorites! I'm really glad you like it. Happy Also, I completely agree: craft + mess = a REALLY good time! XD
katcar~ · 27 projects
thanks for faving my bow how to! <3
Keira M.
Keira M.
Thank you Happy and all your project are awesome! it won't let me load my project photos at the moment but hope to get the clever computer man to sort it out so I can start sharing projects! YAY!!! Happy
Hayley S.
Hayley S. · Abbotsford, British Columbia, CA · 8 projects
hey thanks for commenting on my how-to ..
you also asked how to make the paper stars if you search on this site people have tutorials on how to make them Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi Keira, thank you for favouring my underbust corset Happy
salinasiu · 7 projects
yay thanks for faving!
Martha · Wantage, England, GB · 19 projects
Thank you for the favourite on my socktopus Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Keira, i must laught about your notice of craft + mess = a good time, i'm agree with that, but not to much. LOL
Hey thanks you for the fave of my new shapes of recycling beads.
hope you have much profite of it and wish you much crafting fun with your try out;-D
have a nice great week;-D
Becks S.
Becks S. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 36 projects
thanks for faving my bracelets!!