I'm a viohazzard,be careful.I bite
im veggie
im not old enuff 2 drive
im not told often that im good at spelling
im drunk i suppose,if it looks like im laffing im really just asking 2 leave(srry,i got that song stukk in mi head)
im not good at keeping secrets
im not 34 years old Sad
im addictieded to the internet Sad
im lacking in protien Sad
im single ;-) lol,jk
im bored easily
im hopping (lol,hoping) you'll visit my buzznet account im me,and im never going to change that so if you wanna give me crap about who i am,im 100% sutre that i wont listen
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Moxie D.
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I have a sewing machine...but it scares me for some reason Happy