6 Most Important Things You should Know About Danielle Lee!

1. i have lived in the same house my whole life in los angeles's faction of the LDH (weeeestsiiide.) i am catholic raised, schooled. you would figure i would be HELLA crazy but i am just bewildering in good sense

2. i grew up under the magical haze of ritalin & nickelodeon mid 90's when los angeles unified school district began to crumble. I am MORE boss than you despite my ADHD tendencies cuz i work my brain matter everyday with NINTENDO, i would sell my soul for more Wii & DS games!

3. i am currently a junior in college at WestLA and transferring to USC for a journalism major, IF I CAN EVER GET MY ACT TOGETHER (ADHD strikes again!) if not expect to attend my graduation with an urban studies/art degree from a UC.

4. people tend to tell me I have way too much energy, to those i say "hey F U! seriously can i just be a grown up kid?" then some think i am cuckoobananas because i have diction & aren't a ghetto scum suckers (BOOYAH darkskinnedwhitegirl 4 LIFE!) NONE YA'LL HUSSIES CAN TOP ME?! I'M DANIELLE LEE!!

5. i enjoy just generally creating "pleasant" chaos in the streets of los angeles. cuz i got a lead foot baby, GO speedrader GO. i'm probably the reason why you shouldn't start your 15yr old daughter with a turbo VW then switch it up with a manual BMW @ 21.

6.i am a quite amiable person with manners and class unlike a lot of women in this area, then again i am a VERY complex and eclectic person. therefore i spend most of my time watching EDUCATIONAL tv programming and I tend to stay oblivious to the drama encircling the mass population.

So the bottom line might just be I'm a one in a million kind of person that you may met before, I can show you the world if you let me Happy

I ♥ TALKING! AIM ME:ARTHOLA YIM MEHappyANIARTHOLA86 SKYPE ME: HELLOYUMYUM postscript. my mom says that i am the most badass person you will ever meet.
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