I ♥

the way that my groom holds his harm out for my arm to hook in his as we walk along the street.
how my youngest daughter giggles and snorts all all my jokes. How she closes her eyes when she thinks something is funny
how my younest son has dimples so deep that when he grins it makes me want to pinch his cheeks!
having cup o' noodles for lunch
Dr. Pepper at all times
how God has planned for me to be a teacher all along!

I dislike

alarm clocks that go off at the wrong time
10 minutes before my Boo walks out the door for work.I miss him so! Happy
people who copy others, and forget how to be themselves......aren't we mature enough to have moved passed that form of flattery? LOL
parents that have favorites
People that can't MOVE ON already.....yea, yea, yea...I've messed up in my life.....I don't see you bragging on what good I've done, so stop trashing what I've done wrong.
fat rolls on my belly
age spots
crutches.....I mean the emotional kind.
the fact that there's no more new Arrested Development, Friends, or 7th Heaven.
the stupid writers strike. Get over yourself already!
people that sing 'short people' song to me.
this time without my Sugar Momma.

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