I try to be crafty. I love crafts, but I need directions. I can ad lib here and there, but I am new to all things crafty so to speak. My greatest project to date is the afghan that I began crocheting my freshman year in college. It's been awhile to say the least, and I have only completed half of it! he he I had several baby blankets under my belt when I started the project and I guess I ran out of steam when I under took the task. But every once in a while I'll get back into it and do a few squares. Only 2 million more to go! ;)

My crafty friends are my inspiration. They come up with the greatest ideas! I love sharing photos with them and have grown to love photography as well. Art in general really makes me happy, even before I met Tony. ;)

I love nature & all things natural. I want to do better to protect our environment & I hope I will see the day the world uses primarily renewable energy. I love my dog Smokey. From his perky little ears to his crooked little tail! And of course I love my man Tony for all his parts together! *anyone seen Much Ado About Nothing?* And so I guess I am also a romantic or valentines day is in the air.

I love my life & I love my family & friends! *muah!*
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