I am a Silversmith and Jewelry Artist from Marquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. Much of my jewelry is inspired by my surroundings, including the shorelines of Lake Superior.

The circle is representational of my outlook on life; I believe that the end of one thing is the beginning of the next.

I am using bird imagery in many pieces, inspired by a robin’s nest, which was outside of my window this past spring. I photographed the cycle from egg to bird, which gives me a source of ideas for designing bird-themed pieces. I feel as though there are many cycles in life that the circle is representational of, such as the life cycle of a bird. Once the bird dies, it decomposes and creates dirt, then an earthworm eats the dirt, a bird then eats the earthworm; thus creating a circular pattern in the life cycle.

Alexander Calder is one of the famous metalworkers whose work inspires me. His geometric shapes and moving components are elements that I incorporate into my work. I also strive to create pieces with components that have actual symmetry or a sense of symmetry. M.C. Escher’s use of tessellation patterns is influential to my work in that regard.

I use sterling silver, brass, copper, gemstones and materials that are native to the area I live in to create my jewelry. Some of the local materials I have used in my pieces are found on the shoreline of Lake Superior, including agates, rounded pebbles, and beach glass.

Many of my pieces are created with the intention of reusing materials. This philosophy is most likely derived from my personal life where I strive to reuse items whenever possible, so I reuse items such as sterling silverware for melting and casting new pieces. I also use recycled electrical wire for some of my copper pieces.

In May of 2008 I will have a bachelor of fine arts in Metalsmithing at Northern Michigan University. I have always been interested in art, but after studying Metalsmithing, I have found a medium of great interest to me.

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Beth Millner
Beth Millner · Marquette, Michigan, US · 2 projects
I have been in school for metalsmithing for 3 years, and I have been playing with wire for about 5 years. Thanks for the compliment!
jalynolanga · Calgary, Alberta, CA
your work is absolutely stunning, how long have you been working with metal now?