Name: Kirsty
My guilty pleasure(s): chocolate!
The best word to describe me is: Different
My hero(es): Betty Suarez and Betsey Johnson
Words or phrases I overuse: ?? 'confuzed.com'
My superpower is: read peoples mind..
What else you should know about me:my nickname is kitkat
My dream job: Fashion stylist
Last movie I saw: Avatar 3D(Amazing experience but long)
Last book I read: Twilight
Last album I listened to: Paramore Brand new eyes
Last big splurge: MONEY £$ ^_^
Last vacation:America! Florida,Kissimmee
Fav program:Ugly betty(finishing i know), 90210, Heroes, WOWP, Glee and iCarly
Fav shop:topshop,zara,forever21,wetseal
Fav designer:Alexander Mcueen,Marc by Marc Jacob,MIUMIU,Kenzo,Stella McCartney and Sportmax.
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