I'm nineteen, Thai, a student in college, and a generally normal, somewhat random person. ¶ I'm <i>pretty</i> geeky -- my number one passion is computational linguistics. Language systems and the ways & means that people communicate with each other completely amaze me. When I picture machine-automated translation, universal understanding, and all of the crazily optimistic things that computational linguistics can accomplish, it makes me squee in nerd-gladness. :'D ¶ Other things I like are doodling, graphic design, and writing way too much. In my off-time I'm also a huge fan of horror, guro, and similarly miscellaneous creepy-stuff. (Being zomg!scared is my hobby, you could say.) Other than that ... I draw naked ladies occasionally. I would say this makes me a very exciting person, but that would be a lie. ¶ The gist: I wake up very early everyday, generally in a good mood. I study semi-hard, work fairly-hard, and have a hot!geeky boyfriend with whom I discuss electronic music.

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jalynolanga · Calgary, Alberta, CA
kewl that ur into linguisitcs...i'm now training my voice to the dragon software and i find it absolutely amazing to see where tech is going...btw, love the digicam shirt!