Hi! I'm Megan. Nice to meet you Happy

I'm happily married to a US Airman. We have a daughter, her name is Mattie (she's a 2 year old Schnoodle). I'm pagan. I'm 21. I blog. iGoogle. I make useless graphics. I love recipes (especially comfort foods and asian foods). I like all art forms and will try any of them once (whether or not I'm good at it is another story, but I try!). I create Happy. I'm addicted to post secret and perezhilton.com. I'm liberal. I'm hilarious (if I may say so myself). I'm a gamer (Xbox and tabletop RPGs). I'm addicted to office supplies. I love tiny things that others think are silly or stupid (like my squishy pig I got from a gumball machine. Cutest 50 cents I ever spent). I love love love pink.

I'm on yahoo! and AIM (but I don't get on AIM much): lovebyelise

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