I'm at stay-at-home mom of two very busy boys. Chase is 5 1/2 & Eli is 3 1/2. I have 2-dogs (Bosko the overweight lab/sheperd mix, and Brutus the chihuahua that has markings like a hyena), 1-Cat Pele, 1-Rat Remy, 2-birds Rocky the cockatiel & Ginger the parakeet (chicken run reference there!), and finally 3-chickens white one is "the natural", light brown one is "Bas" (for Bas Rutten), and dark brown one is "B.J.". Okay, so I pretty much run a zoo, and am constantly cleaning up poo. It's not a glamorous job, but someone's got to do it.

I have a wonderful husband who I met when I was 14. He is in an awesome band here in Eugene, and he plays bass. He loves to play Zelda or Mario on the Wii with the boys (who are obsessed w/ Link from Zelda!)

I recently picked up knitting again after a 5 year hiatus. I am official obsessed, and have the hand & neck cramps to prove it! Thanks to my friend Maiya who is the knitting master, I have a constant source for inspiration & information. Thank you seinsei!

-Grasshopper Mary
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