i rather enjoy wasting time and being lazy. my best friend is twice my age, i like music. i know that it's better to sound like a baby when you talk than to act like a baby when you walk. lisping is addictive. I'm a lesbian. i used to be bi but now im addicted to woman..can't live with em, cant live without em. i think watching TV is a waste of time but i do it anyway. pretzels are a food that i am in between about, i dont hate them but i dont think about them very much. I actually kinda hate eating but do it to keep myself alive, eating is boring. I dance a lot. 5 classes a week at the dance studio. I sew a lot, i laugh a lot. i play guitar a lot and fiddle too. i sing constantly. i spend a lot of time thinking about super volcanoes. i like podcasts and my ipod is my security blanket i go no where without it.

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