Howdy, all.

I love to make things. And since I really have no life, most of my clothing is either hand-made or reconstructed several times. Huge T-shirts are almost my favorite things in the world. I also love felt and yarn and paper and beads and just about anything that can be used to make anything.

And foodstuffs. Baking is wonderful. Especially cupcakes. Imagine: a miniature cake, just for you! No wonder I love them so much.

Other things about me: I have a really weird laugh. But I am always laughing, so it is impossible to hide. I love ginger kitties. I have a twin sister, my womb-mate, whom I love more than most things. I love to knit and have many many many pairs of hand coverings, from gloves without fingertips, to ones with them, to mittens, to everything else you could possible put on your hands. I just really like warm hands.

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