Hey everyone!!

What should I write....now lets see. I am a procrastinator - for example at the moment i am meant to be doing homework that was due in last week which i didn't hand in cos i was in melbourne [see further on for more about that] and i have just surfed the net for at least half an hour - the most i've done is open the document!! Many of my craft pursuits don't get finished because i get distracted and move on to something else - another example: some big foam letters that i AM (still) making for my frinds for last christmas - that is everything exept cards which i have to finish because they are needed for birthdays and such (this doesn't make sense as i didn't finish the christmas presents and they would probably fall into the 'such' category!!)

Yes, so as i mentioned before, i went to Melbourne. This was for a week for work experience - helped with a commission for the war memorial in canberra which was fantastic!! Stayed with friends over there and did work with them too. Love melb - great city. love the trams, trains and buses - public transport is so interesting! Love the shops, exhibitions and the food. Tried korean for the fisrt time which i enjoyed - and learned how to use chopsticks, went to the pixar and guggenhiem (if that's how you spell it??) exhibitions, visited some very groovy shops, and met and re-met some very nice people. so, all-in-all i had an absolutely fantastic time!!

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Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for the add missy, how's it going? xo
fiona · Penguin, Tasmania, AU
Well i am going to leave the first comment for myself because unless i go find some friends i am not going to be getting any from any one else in the near future!! Happy Happy
note to self: find some friends!! lol