♥ I work for a Detroit based Record Label.
♥ I am a receptionist / customer service representative.
♥ I draw, knit, and enjoy Bingo.
♥ I have a pink and white Schwinn Cruiser Bike.
♥ I enjoy baking (Muffin Mountains!).
♥ I have bright blonde hair.
♥ I enjoy shopping.
♥ I want an El Camino. BAD.
♥ I am all about Super Mario 3.
♥ I love emo/scene/pop music.
♥ I love playing video games with my boyfriend.
♥ I don't like talking on the phone.
♥ I really enjoy just relaxing with my boyfriend in our apartment.
♥ I straight up have the wackiest taste in music.
♥ I am in love with my NV phone. Keyboard, yo!
♥ I love my Nintendo DS Lite.
♥ I love my beast of an IPod (80 Gigs!).
♥ I named my IPod Rita.
♥ I love (most) scene kids.
♥ I am the co-host of an internet radio show.
♥ I like lounging around in my gauchos and a hoody.
♥ I thinks cats are cute.
♥ I have my lip pierced.
♥ I love Iced Chai with soy milk and a shot of espresso.
♥ I love vegetables and fruit.
♥ I love Penguins! They're so cute.
♥ I like watching movies.
♥ I liked Death Proof more.
♥ I love sushi!

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Dolly · 26 projects
Hey thurrr. I want to be your friend. Happy
bittyandbunny · Lincoln Park, Michigan, US · 6 projects
hey, i want an el camino too. totally my favorite car.
Jaguar · Vacaville, California, US · 2 projects
hey! thanks for adding. :]
whats up?
Jaguar · Vacaville, California, US · 2 projects
hey, you seem pretty rad.
i'll ad. :]