I am a writer, a Christian, an Anarchist, a horror junkie, a Marilyn Manson fan (atic... *cough cough*). Hmmm, what else do you want to know? I'll just keep on going. ^^

I like to write all sorts of things. Novels, mostly. Every story I start writing turns out to be waaay freaking longer than I'd intended. I also enjoy writing poetry and trying to write songs, though.

I am currently in the process of getting a band together. If all works out with the members I've met with, we'll be going for a metal/industrial shock-rock type of thing, and I will be the frontwoman and vocalist. I'm quite excited about this project.

Other stuff... I love anime. Not the cutesy, I'm so happy and have big eyes and do faceplants kind, but the serious, more grownup stuff with dark, intricate plots and well-developed characters. Dragonball Z might be the one exception to that rule, and that's because I read a lot into it and see serious stuff where there might not be so much. Besides that, I love: anything dark and scary, Stephen King novels, all kinds of music except country, Star Wars, Batman (especially from Nolanverse), fanfiction, RP'ing, cartoons and comics.... oh gosh, if you want to know anything else, just ask!

As for why I'm on here. Well, I've always been fascinated by arts and crafts. I love to see the different things people can make. And I always wanted to try making my own stuff since I was a kid. I've seen a lot of cute and creative stuff on this website and I'm thinking now about finally making something of my own. Wish me luck!

(in case you're thinking about trying to contact me outside of this website, I use LJ the most)

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Thanks for adding my sock critters to your favourites.Check your local library for how to's and other craft motivation Happy