Hi! My name is Suzanne, but I go by Nikki most of the time. I'm 22 years old, and i'm from Kansas. I have 5 tattoos right now, but i'm planning on more. I also have my nostril pierced. I currently have 4 cats - 3 girls and a boy. I consider them my kids. I'm planning on getting a snake within the next few months.
I'm not a very normal person. I like things that most people are afraid of. I embrace being weird, too. Happy
I've just started learning to knit, and i'm in the process of making a baby blanket for my niece to be. My brother and sister in law are expecting her on April 19th. I'm super excited about that. Happy
I'm also starting to learn how to quilt. My Grandma used to sew all the time, so i'm kind of continuing the family tradition. I'm hoping to do the Mario quilt first. I'm such a nerd.
I'm in the process of learning Russian and Spanish. I'm hoping to have one down fluently by the end of the year. I'm also hoping to learn French and German down the road. I'm sure i'll want to learn more later on. I also know American Sign Language. Both of my parents are deaf. Happy It's a good thing to know.

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