There is not a single person who does not
Likes to listen to music. Who needs light music as a background in the way, at home,
in the country. Someone prefers music of a certain direction and tries
Go to concerts. Someone performs and composes music. Usually this is very
interesting people. It is to such people
Refers to Dj Sam - a resident of Pacha, MOS, that no day - new ideas, informal thoughts,
Original solutions. In everything he sees a flight for creativity and is capable of even the most everyday and ordinary thing
Make it interesting for yourself, and for others! He was born in 1988 and
Professionally engaged in music for more than 10 years. He is included in the TOP-10 DJs
Egypt, this is one of the best representatives of modern house culture
. "Music is my life" -says DJ Sam his
Attitude to music. Over the years of his work, Dj Sam
To achieve recognition not only among the fashionable club public of Egypt, but also abroad. Dj Sama's performances are like a wave of musical madness - new
Sets, mixes blow up the dance floor. Dj Sam is
It is not a commercial machine, it is a person - an independent
Personality, both in work and in life.

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