What can I say except what you see is what you get. Oh and I am totally crazy ;-). My motto is smile at someone everyday, you will improve their day and yours too.
I am engaged and have two beautiful children who i am very proud of. I had another daughter who i sadly lost when she was 16.

How I got into my miniature hobby; Well i have Rheumatoid arthritis, which can be more painful is you sit still, so i decided i needed a hobby. I started making cards but i ended up with to many. My fiancé surprised me a dollshouse and i have been hooked ever since. I have gone from decorating and filling my first house, to now building them and making as many of the internal parts that I possibly can. Believe me it takes a lot of patience with my hands lol. I enjoy the hobby with a passion and have so many things I wish to make. I am presently making a miniature shopping centre which will go along the back of my summer house on three levels. I am also making a very large Tudor 1:12 house. I have absolutely no idea what i shall do with them when i have finished them lol. I shall put pictures of my progress on here and hope that you enjoy seeing them. Happy

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