Mother of Pugs.
I'm originally from Tucson but I moved to Lawrence, KS three years ago. I studied journalism at the University of Arizona. While I attended community college - don't laugh it's a great place to start when you are broke- I studied theatre arts and creative writing. At my CC I won 1st place in fiction in the national Community College Humanities association college literary magazine competition. I also won the Martindale Lit prize for another short story. I no longer write fiction but I love sending angry letters to newspapers. The last hope for print news is a return to quality and balanced ethics. Less commentary, more news.
My goals now are crafting. I used to make cards and had just started crafting toy theatres. After an injury (I fell down stairs) I was diagnosed with a spinal disease that has caused nerve damage. Sometimes my limbs are paralyzed and sometimes I lose muscle control. I began loom knitting as physical therapy. While it is challenging, I love it. I hope to learn to needle knit and crochet.
I also play D&D, binge watch TCM, and break into showtunes without realizing I am singing.
There it is. There you have it.

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