Im a girl who you just want to meet,,im[different]from others,only one of me in this crazy mund0(world) and if you see someone like me then their just POSERS!! i dress[different]like i pick my cloths in the drak.hehehe..i love ALL-STARS(converse)!HAIRBOWwS!AND COLORS!!!Yay!. when my hair is down you can expect a bow to be on it>.<.. Name is Nurii,,age is__?..Houston is my home but not ForEver=] iguess im just the KEYWORD:[different]. OH and i roll both ways, girrls&boys are my type!(dont judge)yup that does mean im BIsexual and i dont give a f_ck what ya think. im proud of thatHappy Ihave a bestfriend name GILBERT,ilovehim like a girl loves chocolate after a breakup.ha.hmm if ya wanna kno more jus hit me up.IM A NICE FEMALE,wood talk to anybody without judging!! peacee out,,oh p.s.im SINGLE
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Thanks so much for faving my How to Onigiri necklace ^^