Hi! My name is Sherry and I am a 54 year old Mom of 8 and Nana to 14. My kids range in age from 10 years old to 38 years old. My grandbabies range in age from 3 -18 years old. I am not ready to be getting old yet! I am still pretty young at heart. I haven't had a chance to be wild or just have fun yet. I have a ton of things I still want to do before I get any older. Anyway, that won't be happening for awhile, so I try to have fun in my crafts and try to do more artsy stuff.

I have done crafts all of my life, but have just over the last year or so have started trying to sell some of my projects. I mainly sew, crochet and do paper crafts. I love to try different crafts though. I am starting to make most of my gifts instead of purchasing them so I am always looking for new ideas. Well, that's about it. I'm just me.

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Dolly · 26 projects
You seem like a cool person! (: Add!
Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
Hey Sherry, i saw that you can't figure out how to post pictures on the boards, so I thought I'd help you out:
1. set up an account on photobucket www.photobucket.com
2. upload your pictures on to photobucket (it'll explain how, on the site)
3. once your pics are uploaded you'll see a bunch of codes underneath them. Copy the HTML code(you'll see what I mean) and paste it on your board post and voila!
Barbara B.
Barbara B. · 2 projects
thanks for taking my collage to your favorite ones..Kisses from germany Barbara