My name is Hiromi Hughes, I am a busy mother of two from Melbourne Australia. I have always enjoyed art and craft and I have spent many years making my own hand made gifts for friends, family and others. I grew up in Tokyo Japan, but have lived here in Australia since 1991.

In Japan, I studied fashion design and have always enjoyed designing things and being creative. This passion for design has only grown since my husband and I started our family and I have found myself at home spending lots of playtime with my two beautiful children Mitchell and Emily

I have always encouraged my children in their play and enjoy watching them grow and develop. I love to watch and listen as they play and see them using their imagination as they explore and learn about their world.

Like most kids, they love their toys, but I have always wanted to provide them with a variety of toys. Unfortunately, most of the toys that are available now days are the normal mass produced, cold, hard, plastic ones... nothing wrong with that of course, but I was searching for something different, Something softer, warmer and more natural, yet something that still allowed them to have fun, use their imagination and inspire their creativity.

I also wanted my children to understand and feel the care and love that is put into gifts that are hand made and not just purchased ready made from a store.

I want my children to grow up valuing their family and friends and appreciating the true meaning of gifts, especially those that are made with love and affection by others.

Gifts that are hand made by loved ones can not easily be replaced and help strengthen, relationships and help build fond memories that will last a lifetime.

So I got creative, and started making some toy, pretend play food from felt and other materials, and my children absolutely loved them...

They have always enjoyed playing "dress up" and "grown ups" and these pieces of felt food were a hit. I continued to make them and started to make little lunch box sets and picnic sets for my friends, and their children.

The feedback that I received was wonderful and it was such a pleasure to see the joy that these pieces brought to the faces of the children.

I then began to sell my work online (some of you may have even purchased some of my work) and again, the feedback I received was wonderful and greatly appreciated. I have now sold my work to many parts of the world, not only to people throughout Australia, but also to the UK, the USA, New Zealand, across Europe and to many other nations...

But I had a problem ... The problem was that there is only one of me, and when I sold one of my "Felt Cuisine" sets, I had to sit down and make it ! Also, many of my customers had contacted me asking if I could tell them or show them how I created these pieces so they could perhaps try and make some pieces of their own...

The result of this of course, is the "Felt Cuisine" series of step by step illustrated craft guides...

I hope you enjoy my guides, and may they bring you and your loved ones closer together and put smiles upon the faces of children (of all ages) all over the world.

Warmest Regards

Hiromi Hughes
Author & Creator

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