I'm an old soul living in Southern California with my parents, who drive me out of my mind on a regular basis. I am a caffeine-addicted college student, who is interested in way more things than I have time to accomplish. Really, I'm just trying to get my degree without becoming an insomniac, a caffeine junkie, or someone who speaks MLA format in regular conversation.
Meanwhile, I do homework, dress like a maniac, take up random hobbies, go for long walks, analyze classic literature, work out like a maniac, and sometimes adopt the illusion that I am a complete failure simply because I don't know how to do everything. I console myself my developing creative skills: like sewing and cooking.

It helps, but I still tend to look at other capable people wistfully and full of awe and think "Wow, you're amazing."

YES! Something I know well!
I'm gluten intolerant and have been gluten-free for over ten years. I love to cook. I use regular recipes and tweak them to make them appropriate for the gluten-free dieters. I think gluten-free Americans are often taken advantage of by products that are "gluten-free" and ridiculously overpriced, when recreating that product is not difficult at all. My boyfriend is an amazing cook (lucky me!) and we have started compiling recipes to share with those living with Celiac Disease.

If you have any questions about anything gluten-free, please write to me!
In fact, if you have questions about anything, please write to me.

Actually, if you want to tell me about the song you listened to at 2:32am that changed your life, or about the weird note you found on the street, write to me.

I care about those kinds of things.

I recently deleted all of my social networking sites. I'm getting a facebook toward the end of the summer, and have a blog under construction. I will put the link here soon.
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