Sorry I do not speak good English.
Tventy years concerned with the production of dolls, souvenirs and gifts present in the domain of local house wor.Autor I have over 50 models and up to now I have thousands of done to create.I want,I can work arrayed in more books on this topic and to them we try to process all the techniques of working.
In the first book,, school book puppetry matlutke detail I,, addressed 20 models in the picture and words.
With us in the world has little original souvenirs and is a real challenge to deal with the design and production of new modern souvenirs, but that ethnic theme can be souvenirs for the various music and sports events.
On my site can be seen catalogs with models from the
,, School of puppetry books,,.

- I was to run the action,,(Friend for a Friend),, on the site of humanitarian character, and I this book in the form of El decided to worship the following associations and institutions

- Special schools for children with special needs, or retarded children in the development of

- Associations of disabled persons who are interested in this creative hobby or as an additional occupation.

-Facilities for treatment of substance abuse and others who use the therapy used to work in your program

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