H-E-L-L-O (said in an awesome voice) ,
my name's caitlin and i'm a person, with a life.
I live in Australia in the most awesome state but i'll keep that hushed up for now.
Pretty much a normal person with a quirk.
I'm really curious like if i want to know something i'll research it..a lot.
You may occaisonally find me sitting at my computer or at my books and researching some random thing such as 'Play School' and looking at the version's from other countries.

I enjoy music,photography,family&friends,clothes,life,reading,running,baths you know..the awesome things. I'm a bit of a hypocrite - i hate everything about myself that occurs in other people ( i think ) my mode of transport is my little sisters plastic scooter but i would like to learn how to skate board..on a normal skate board and i like rollerblading and avoiding falling down my massive hills on my house.

oh gosh this sounds like a myspace profile..
oh well i might as well do it properly..i'd like to meet people worth meeting.
I love reading harry potter (the books live beside my bed) i'll reading anything really.
My favourite movies are the dark knight (not just because everyone else likes it), X-Men (all of them), Australia , Brokeback Mountain (i must say i did cover my eyes in some part but it was such a sad story) and anything with Heath Ledger in it R.I.P
My favourite musicians are fall out boy, motion city soundtrack, midtown, the touch and i can't be bothered to continue this massive list. I do enjoy most of the free itunes singles.

well that's pretty much me wrapped up in a chocolate bar.

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jennifer · 3 projects
this is a late reply but, if you are still interested, the link to my "toy owl" creation is here:
Moxie D.
Moxie D. · Chandler, Arizona, US · 4 projects
Thank you for adding my recycled box tute to your faves! Happy
Timbe · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 18 projects
Hi thanks for the fav! I live in Aus to and i have to say i think QLD is the best state! Anyway i also think we have the best weather in the world!
Mel · Denver, Colorado, US · 11 projects
HI! Glad you liked my Owl Softie tute, thanks for faving!
Jet H.
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Hi Caitlin thanks so much for the fav! i hope that your friends will like it too when you are mailing them letters. You are a new member i see. Welcome , I hope you enjoy the site, and make great project too. greetings