I have most likely to many interests to list. I am a silly dorky cute girl who enjoys my life spending time with loved ones. I throw myself into my art daily. I just had one of my first art showings at a gallery. I make handmade jewelry,clothing,quilts,scarves,etc. Call me a renaissance woman. I totally am. I love love love dancing goofy, why? Because unfortunatly i have no rhythm. well i think so anyway.Me and my fiance enjoy spending time at our home and playing guitarhero 3 or other games on our wii or just watching crazy movies no ones really heard of. i love foriegn films, esp japanese ones. horror,sci-fi etc. the cheesy ones are the best. the gore all the blood lol. growing up me and my crazy cousins and friends used to film cheesy horror flicks. they were pretty funny and crazy lol. well enuff about me..razzle mc dazzle me..
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