Hey all! My name is Thea and I just entered my dirty thirties. I have been interested in crafts since I was litte since they are a huge part of my mothers life but I never really got into them untill the last couple of years. I had my daughter at a very young age and had to work alot in order to support her as a single mom. Between finishing school, taking care of her and working my butt off I never really had much time to do anything else. My daughter is now in high school and I got married a few years ago to my wonderful husband Justin. About a month after we got married I found out I was Prego with my second child. After having my baby boy I was able to take a couple years off of work and that is were the world of crafting began for me. I loved being at home but I would get kind of bored sometimes since I was used to always being so busy. I told my mom that I was interested in learning to knit and she bought me some knitting needles and a couple of how to books. Shortly after that I bought Stitch n' Bitch and lots and lots of yarn. I would have never imagined that I would love it so much but I find it to be a huge stress relief in my life. I also began to experiment with other crafts such as sewing and embroidery. Now the time has come that I must go back to work but hopefully I will still be able to find some time to craft.

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Between work, housework and life in general. I've always found a little time to work on a craft or my artwork. Take the time for yourself and your love of crafts and artwork will explode and you will love life and so will your family! My children still remark how my crafts and artwork has inspired and comforts them however long it took to complete the crafts.