my name is lyndsay birch, i have no middle name, and i like sewing. i have many interests, which include: frolicking, painting, screaming at my sneakers, calling my shoes sneakers, dancing(which is very scary to see) and rambling along. i am horrible at photography, so i make REAL art instead. teehee =]
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plumsong  .
plumsong . · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
your username reminds me of when I separated jelly bean colors (while still in the bag) and the green hues were the Nazis and the yellow hues were the Jews.
: D
Phelicia G.
Phelicia G. · Coombabah, Queensland, AU · 6 projects
Thanks for favoring my Raspado how to.
Bloodyhiccup · 8 projects
wow, I read your "About Me" section and had an eerie sense of peaking into my own little world!!! Dancing horribly, frolicking, Painting and I HATE photography!! I too scream at things but have not owned a pair of sneaks in 10 years lol!!!