Haaiiisss peoplez lol im a girl wit alot of randums n wierdnes lol i play guitar bass n piano n im very nice to talk too n shy(alot) i lov the ppl i care caus thts all i hav if i hav to risk my life for my friends or ppl in danger ill jump right in and fight :S yeshhh dont fight me or else tehe i lik video games caus im a nerd for video game x3 n comic books! I love horror movies n stories i like the color blak red i am bi got the problem wit it lay off im short lol dont stalk me r ill bring the devil to kill u x] i get revenge Happy i lov choclate (who doesnt)Happy n i hav wierd hair n i lov it x) i lov metal screamo n rock music ! Lol i love hugs and anime im sooo addicted to anime and manga i can name maybe more than 100 x3 ! Happy add me if u want to i dont bite and talk to me >:O xP x3 :3 Happy =3
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