I'm trying my hand at crafting and am working on my first tutorial. It's much harder than making and posting crafts/jewelry! I've done beading, on and off, but lately it's been miniature vases, 5 ounce bell jar vases, various types of potion bottle pendant necklaces, and nearly anything that strikes my fancy. Jewelry (jewellery ??) is always a personal favorite but I also have Pinterest boards where I try to pin anything I like. Lastly, I hope to connect with other crafters, on any level of it, to trade helpful insights, secrets, and help each other think and brainstorm together. All my original writing (blurbs) are copyrighted. Feel free to drop me a note. To look for items I pinned, check boards here: https://www.pinterest.com/wildfire8470.

So far, I'm not posting b'cos I don't have a delete function.

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