I was born in Vestal, NY and grew up in Richford/Newark Valley, NY till after graduating High School in 2000. For a while we owned a small diner (the Richford Diner to be exact) where I learned how to waitress, run register and cook (I only was placed in the kitchen because a customer said I acted just like my dad and I told him to "Go fuck himself"....not appropriate for a girl in her early teens, my mom took my side against the customer (you'll soon understand why) and banned him but still felt as though the kitchen would keep me away from the masses for a while. Turned out great, I kicked ass in the kitchen. We eventually sold it. Family...okay I grew up an only child. My father's a former cross dressing, sociopath with wife beating & killing my pets (he didn't dare hit me so THAT was my punishment...I stopped wanting pets but he would bring them home randomly anyway) as a hobby, the only "former" in that was the cross dressing just to be clear. All the rest still remains the same. My mom may have been HIS punching bag, but she was always my best friend and my hero, especially dealing with the abuse, being a single parent, adopting a child AND shes a breast cancer survivor whos house just burnt down, but she keeps going. THATS a rock. We slowly planned our escape from him and despite his violent attempts at making us stay, we managed to get out alive just before I graduated High School.  Shortly after things calmed down and we were as safe as we would ever be, my mom left one day and brought home, to me....the only child who swore she hated kids, a baby brother, Nathaniel. He was my Aunt's son who was in foster homes and things were not good, so my mom was finally able to get temporary custody of him. He was 15 months old, I was 18 years old. He walked up to me and climbed into my lap and I was head over heals for him from that moment. For Xmas a year later his mom called and told me Merry Xmas, I gave you full custody. Best Xmas gift I've ever gotten. He's 16 and driving now. I'm an unemployed starving artist and jack of all trades, but a cake decorator at Other than that, I love anything weird, gothy, horror movies, I love to dance and I'm really clumsy. I curse like a trucker & I'm pansexual but girly, I am sarcastic and rude when you deserve it, I have few people in my life that I consider friends but I like it that way. I'm also a recovering opiate (pain pills not heroin) addict and I am an artist.  

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