WahSoSImple is simply 2 recreational crafters who believe that there are many other like-minded people out there who like to make things with their hands once in a while.

We love to gawk at the lovely crafts posted on Pinterest and Craftgawker. We will craft and handmade something when the mood hits us, but we dread the chore of hunting around craft shops to get the needed supplies. There is also a mountain of left-over supplies staring straight back at us at the end of each project - it is almost impossible to get just the right amount of materials. This means that we are either trying to squeeze the leftover supplies into a drawer or make another dozen of the same project to finish up the supplies. This just kills the magic out of crafting.

And so as we sat together to lament about the woes of crafters like us, the idea to make crafting easy and trouble-free was conceived! We have selected some of the simple crafts which we love and put all the materials needed together in our DIY craft kits.

All you need to do is to order a craft kit, which will come with the materials and also step-by-step instructions. We also provide craft supplies if you just need a top-up. We promise that we will inspire you with lovely and simple crafts. Just order a kit and we will take care of the rest and have them delivered to you. So simple, right?

Shop, craft and let WahSoSimple ignite the creative craft goddess in you.

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