I’m Rachel. I’m 25 and married to my best pal, Ryan. We live in Lebanon, TN right outside Nashville!
I love thinking about the “Olden Days” and how things were so much different back then. Life was simpler, and to me, a simple life is so much sweeter and more fulfilling. I try to imagine what it was like “back then” and in some ways, live that way myself by cooking and baking from scratch, saving money being frugal, and making my own healthier DIY beauty products, and natural remedy “potions” (as my husband calls them).
In addition to those hobbies, I also have two small side businesses. (Rachel Kaly Photography, and my Etsy Design Business!) I’ve had my photography business 4 years now and design for about 2 years. The most important things to me are my faith, and my family.

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