I am a life and people observer. I can be very talkative, but I'm always thinking about something in the back of my head. I love, love, love to travel, by plain, boat, car, or any other mode of transport. I can be moody, but am genuinely caring. I love all animals, and I never kill insects. Or larger animals. I'm a vegetarian, and I sweet or spicy foods. I love video games, and even like to play older games (NES, and what not). I am very persistent, and do not give up easily. I am particularly fond of stuffies and softies, but like many other crafts, especially paper crafts. I'm not especially good at crafts, but I hope to get better!

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Trickypixie1208 P. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
thank you for favoring my anatomical heart necklace! Hope your halloween is especially spooky xoxo
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Thanks for favoring my companion cube cake. I hope it helps =)
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heyo, thanks for the comments, i havent done anything lately since ive been at uni but i hope to ammend that over the summer. Most of the stuff I did was actually as a beginner, even the corset. Its not so hard if you put ALOT of time into something. and as luna said- you do need to read chobits. the dresses are divine. its originally made for old men in japan but everyone loves it. It has underlying adult themes though.
Luna's acesorios Lucii desu(L)
thanks for your comment the third one its my favorite too^-^
Luna's acesorios Lucii desu(L)
chobits is a anime/manga (japanese cartoons/japanese comics) it's about persocoms/computers shaped like humans that are soooooooooooooooooooo cute:3 you need to read/see it;)
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