free spirited
oblivious to the obvious
still blushes
loves music and dancing, they are my salvation
I don't have a t.v.
I love to dream
I love to make everyone else dream too
I change my mind a lot
I like to write
I love the rain and thunderstorms
I think everyone should have the freedom to be themselves without judgement
most people view the world with their eyes wide shut
I can see beautiful worlds that seeM to be hidden from everyone else
I love to swing & pretend I can fly
I can be incredibly snarky with a tongue like a razor
I get lost in my world and don't let many people in
I ask a lot of questions but don't really give many answers
I have an overactive imagination that I usually keep to myself
some of the most amazing pictures are the ones you create in your mind..
so are some of the most frightening ones
I am afraid and brave all at the same time
I am painfully shy in social situations, but stick me on a dance floor & I will dance with you all night
when I don't know what to say, sometimes I just smile
monday its my favorite day
I would rather snuggle under a cloudy sky and make up stories then just about most things
the ocean is the most beautiful in the winter
I'm sure there is more, but you'll have to get to know me better for that

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