Hi. I’m Tha TRUE ORIGINAL GATA...Tha Original Naughty Kitty. DiosaAnimanga; Punk Rhyma™. LA GATA VERDADERA Y ORIGINAL...PRIMERA Y POR SIEMPRE.

Despite all claims to the contrary from dubious sources, I AM NOT MONIQUE DUPREE. Don't wanna be, have no interest in being... because I am GATA, and only need to be me--GATA. Now GO AWAY.
That said:

I’m a multifaceted performer. My main thang is being an alternative hip-hop artist--I have one REAL album to my credit and am still gaining ground and fans. My act incorporates cosplay as a genuine manifestation of/fun tribute to my existence as the Catgrrl I've always been...live action anime right in front of you. Geeky... yes, I know. But it's me!

I WAS formerly involved in indie horror, but am not anymore due to libel, slander, and character assassination, which--oddly enough-- is still going on. Industry politics, spin doctoring, voracious infringement (also still going on, right down to profile content and graphics, genres), Single White Female-type tactics, and rampant backstabbing have left me tainted, so I just took it as a sign that I should focus on other areas.
I'm also an alternative model on occasion, a writer, a dancer…and yes—I am a plus-sized woman. I am determined to pave the way for the succulent alternative maven. Strong and sexy doesn’t just come in the form of skinny!

I’m always interested in working with new as well as established artists and game for collaborating on music projects.

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