My favorite types of music-
~Symphonic Metal
~Gothic Metal
~Korean Pop
~80's Rock
~World/Trance/Nature/Native American

Favorite Pasttimes-
~MMORPG Playing for 24+ hrs. a week.
~Testing Old School RPG's & Japanese Dating Sims/Visual Novels on PC
~Conversing about Video Games
~Reading Historical Romance Novels
~Writing Fantasy/Comedy/Horror
~Going to Thrift stores...anywhere really Happy So exciting ^_^

Favorite Movies of All Time:
~Grave of the Fireflies
~My Neighbor Totoro
~Wolf Children

Favorite Bloggers:
~EatYourKimchi (YouTube Simon & Martina) -KPOP NEWS/Korean Foods
~La Carmina Goth/Alternative Fashion/Exotic Foods/Local Fashion/ Fads
First & Favorite RPG of All Time:
Suikoden 4

Bad Habit-
~Playfully teasing people because it's fun.

Preferred Fashion Style-
Punk/Urban/Gothic Lolita/Metal Mix
Alternately dresses with a bit of hip hop style, but rarely.

Favorite Food & Drinks:
~Marie Callendar's Apple Pie
~Thai Boba

Biggest Pet Peeve:
~Whenever someone doesn't keep their promise, Consecutively or multiple times.

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