I never went to that movie at 12:45

I wasn’t honest with most of my boyfriends.
I just wanted to have as much sex as possible.
I never told my mom the real reason I got my tongue pierced.
The cigarettes that weren’t mine were actually mine, every time.

I’m not really okay with being alone in any sense.
I have been afraid of the dark since I was 6 years old.
I wish girls liked me more.
There is an exact ratio of coffee, cream, and sugar in every cup I drink.
Half the books I own I have never read.

I am nervous for my blood work to come back.
The countless times I have called my gynecologist in panic.
The countless times I have had to ask for help because I don’t have insurance.
He asked me when I was getting married.
The scale must be wrong.

I got so excited about a sealing wax set and an orange serving spoon at an estate sale.
The feeling I got about buying something from an estate sale.
I love crafts made by elderly women: pressed flower cards, doilies, and knit pot-holders.
I will go deeply in debt for vintage dresses that sway lightly in my closet.
I spent $192 at the Antique Mart on Broadway today: a 1960’s Mod Print dress, a
1950’s solid wood bedside table, a sequins party dress.

The number of times I have to inventory our relationship before you forget where I am.
I purposefully call you when you are sleeping, so “we must have just missed each other.”
How much I would rather not do this.
How much I love doing this.
--Dolly Lemke

Dive For Dreams

dive for dreams
or a slogan may topple you
(trees are their roots
and wind is wind)
trust your heart
if the seas catch fire
(and live by love
though the stars walk backward)
honour the past
but welcome the future
(and dance your death
away at the wedding)
never mind a world
with its villains or heroes
(for good likes girls
and tomorrow and the earth)
in spite of everything
which breathes and moves, since Doom
(with white longest hands
neating each crease)
will smooth entirely our minds
-before leaving my room
i turn, and (stooping
through the morning) kiss
this pillow, dear
where our heads lived and were.

-E.E. Cummings

The Complexities of a Creative Personality:
-A great deal of physical energy alternating with a great need for quiet and rest.
-Highly sexual, yet often celibate, especially when working.
-Smart and naive at the same time. A mix of wisdom and childishness. Emotional immaturity along with the deepest insights.
-Convergent (rational, left-brain, sound judgement) and divergent (intuitive, right-brain, visionary) thinking.
-Both extroverted and introverted, needing people and solitude equally.
-Humble and proud, both painfully self-doubting and wildly self-confidant.
-May defy gender stereotypes, and are likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but those of the other as well. A kind of psychic androgyny.

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