Sometimes u want something so bad u look past all the signs that point u in the opposite direction.

Im fun and layed back but push me to far and i can be a bitch.I say whats on my mind cuz i hate regreting not saying it later.I learned 2think b4 u speak cuz alota times things can sound worse then u wanted them to.I loooove my son hes the best thing in the world.I want to accomplish my goals right now so i can give him everything he wants. &deserves and some .I hate when people conform to what they think u want,i hate when people talk shit and dont own up to it,i hate when anyone lies,id rather u tell me the truth and risk hurting my feeling then try to spare them and lose ur self respect from me.I hate mind games and i hate when someone says they hate mind games then plays them lol.I can pretty much see right thru anybody,whether ur good or bad ill know very quickly,the problem is alota times i know a persons not right for my life and i accept them in anyways lol.I have a hard time listening to other peoples advice or my own for that matter,im prolly one of the best councelors u could find but i jus cant take my own words and go with them. i like to make my own judgments on people and things,i cant get a warning from someone and listen i have to go through it myself or see someone go through it before i can make a call.I love my friends and famiy more then anything they are all that truly matters to me!!I have a very hard time showing emotions to people wich is something im slowly working on ill get there eventually.im happy in life right now,and working on me and what i need to do for my family,we only have one life and unfortunatly no reset button or directions or get outta jail free cards that comes in a welcome present when we are born,so the most important thing to me is think wisely,have no regrets,find good friends,spend time with your children and family and people u love,and live everyday as if its your last,but dream as if ull live forever!!!!

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