I home school my two youngest.
I hate the dark and cold in Alaska and can't wait until the day I can change the "current city" to something different. Preferably someplace WARMER.

I'm an ENTJ, pisces, rabbit.

My preferred love language:
acts of service (40%)
quality time (27%)
words of affirmation (20%)
physical touch (13%)
0% for gifts.

I don't claim a religion, I think that organized religion has skewed anything worth discussing about "God" and spirituality.I do believe in a higher power, call it what you will, doesn't matter to me. I think that 1st Corinthians 13 is a KICK ASS "rule of thumb" and it's plastered all over the place in my life.

My favorite person is my baby brother.
Because he is him.
Many people think he's many different things, but really, he's just him. ;)

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