Hi my name is Michty Maxx and I'm passionate about a lot of things and makeup, beauty n' fashion are among my obsessions. Makeup is art on your face! And I'm here to show you what's in my head. I used to just be into simple stuff like a black winged out smoky eye, red lips, which is what I wore to gigs with my band, but I've blossomed into loving vibrant colours and outrageous glitter for lips, eyes and nails!
Bio: I'm politically correct challenged, strange, complicated, weird and wired. I have a penchant for the macabre and a black sense of humour, although soft and fluffy can be good too. I crack me up, I turn me on. I swear I'm not insane, but then again I swear a lot. I'm into experimenting and learning and I'm finding new things out about myself all the time.

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