Caitlin Emmingham (soon to be 'December Darnell' around July/August). I'm a self taught musician. I love to sing and play guitar and I love techno, rock, alternative rock and none of that pop crap... I am not listening to anything like little miss Wrecking Ball ;-; but anyway c;

I am currently trying to put my music out there, hence the reasoning behind creating a YouTube account. My material is currently on YouTube and the link is below:

~Why do I want to be a musician? I don't want to be a musician for the money, but for the chance to change generations. I know it sounds stupid, but I want things to change back to how they were before so we could sit around on streets at night singing not smoking, dressing to feel good not to attract attention. And also so that people will feel good about themselves without being big headed. Let's face it, this world is horrible and right now music is the only thing holding it together. I want to change the world using music because, well, music brings people together. But not the current music of the 21st century. I'm influenced by bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, and Lower Than Atlantis where their lyrics actually mean something.

BUT apart from my music and other stuff, I love to draw, I love making new friends and I'm a really fun person:3

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