I woke up every day earlier than the previous and more excited about the possibilities that a new day brings to me. I am an Architect who decided to get back to my passion for Arts, Crafts and Design. I decided to leave my corporate job to turn my passion into a business: my small detailed handcrafted toys and a explosion of colorful die cuts and paper goods.

I proudly design my own characters, cards, jewelry and toys. I love to draw, paint, cook, eat pasta … and watch movies. Each of my pieces is professionally designed, constructed and crafted with my own hands.

I was born and raised in Colombia, South America. Since I remember, I used my time drawing, cutting, handcrafting, sewing and writing. When I was 16 my art teacher told me that I was not good enough to be an artist and I believed what she said. You believe everything when you are 16 !. That Day I stopped drawing and started writing. Ten years after, I recovered myself and gave back me the opportunity to try again. I went to architecture school in Colombia and I spent my spare time drawing characters, making cards, and writing. In 2007, I left everything: I felt in love and I married my lovely husband so everything changed. Back then I felt the urge to rebuild my life and myself. I recalled my dream and I started following my heart so in 2008 I started building Mariapalito.

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